Citizenship education in Europe: The expert’s view

Camilo Tamayo Gomez, Chris Gifford

This report presents the results from the European Thematic Network CiCe ‚State of the Art‘ survey: ‚Citizenship Education across Europe: The Expert’s View‘. The purpose of the study was to gather expert opinions on citizenship education across Europe, particularly focusing on five areas which are integral to the provision of citizenship education across the continent: a) Curriculum aims, approaches and organisation b) Student and parent participation in school governance c) School culture and student participation in society d) Student assessment, school evaluation and education system performance e) Education, training and support for teachers and school heads. The results stress the importance of citizenship education in meeting the challenges of democratic societies in Europe.


Gifford, C. & Gomez, C. T. (2014). Citizenship education in Europe: The expert’s view (CiCe Guidelines). London. Children’s Identitiy & Citizenship in Europe (CiCe).

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