Luxembourg – A unique multilingual place in the world

Nicole Gotling-Dudding, Sarah Moser

This document addresses the issue of multilingualism in Luxembourg, specifically in the business world, and examines its role in making Luxembourg a competitive player in international economics. It focuses on two separate, yet intricately linked, components of a long-term project to determine the effect of multilingualism on business competition in Luxembourg, initiated by Mr Artur Sosna of Berlitz Luxembourg and undertaken in collaboration with Quest Market Research and Luxembourg for Business. Firstly, this document presents the results of an online survey carried out in May 2011 on multilingualism within business; secondly, it reports on a symposium held in September 2011 entitled “Multilingualism: Driver of competitiveness?”. The document was compiled by two students at the University of Luxembourg who are studying in this specific domain.


Gotling-Dudding, N. & Moser, S. (2012). Luxembourg – A unique multilingual place in the world. Luxembourg. Berlitz.

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