Research at the University of Luxembourg

The University has obtained almost 15 million Euro in external research funds in 2010, as stated in the report on contract fulfillment with the Government. A new brochure now presents the research priorities of the institution.

The sum of 15 million euro has been received from national and European funds, from the industry and other third-parties. The contract with the government runs from 2010 until 2013 and requires the University to produce a yearly report.

Research at the eight-year-old university has rapidly taken shape, as prove the high number of scientific publications. 362 researchers released 683 refereed publications last year. “These numbers give insight into our quality of research, internationality and other important factors”, says President Rolf Tarrach. “In addition, they help us identify problems left to solve.”

The number of students has also increased as planned – there are currently 5000 students enrolled at the University. The percentage of international students, students with a non-Luxembourgish passport and that finished school outside of Luxembourg, is now 37 percent.

The University of Luxembourg’s total budget is 121 million euro, it has 1000 staff members, including 238 PhD salaried candidates. It has awarded 1244 degrees, including 39 doctoral degrees – 16 more than last year.


University of Luxembourg. (2011). Research at the University of Luxembourg. Luxembourg.

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