EU Youth Report 2012

The 2012 EU Youth Report is a joint report by the Council and the European Commission. It summarises the results of the first work cycle of the EU Youth Strategy (2010-2012) and establishes employment, social inclusion and health and well-being as new priorities in the youth field for the next three years. The 2012 EU Youth Report presents a comprehensive statistical analysis on the situation of young people in the EU under the eight fields of action of the EU Youth Strategy: Education and training, Employment and entrepreneurship, Social inclusion, Health and well-being, Participation, Culture and creativity, Voluntary activities and Youth and the world. It also summarises the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy at national and EU level 2010-2012 and presents comparative assessments and good practice examples from national reports submitted by all 27 EU Member States plus Croatia, Montenegro, Norway and Switzerland. In addition, it summarises action taken by young people themselves. The report also includes an assessment of the first cycles of the structured dialogue with young people — EU Bookshop.


European Commission. (2012). EU Youth Report 2012. Luxembourg.

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