Satisfaction in life conditions and well-being

Carlo Klein, Paul Dickes

In this note we focus on the relations between analytical life satisfaction measures and a general well-being indicator, measured by the two general subjective well-being (SWB) questions. A global SWB factor, measured by the single happiness and by the general life satisfaction questions, is explained through regression of first order factors on the questionnaire of satisfaction in the life domains. The research is based on the 2008 wave of the European Value Study (EVS) for Luxembourg. The validity of the personal living conditions as a measure of general well-being has been assessed by a MIMIC-model. Therefore, satisfaction in personal affairs indicators can constitute an enrichment of general well-being measures.


Dickes, P. & Klein, C [Carlo]. (2011). Satisfaction in life conditions and well-being (Working Papers du CEPS/INSTEAD Nr. 3). Differdange. Centre d’études de populations, de pauvreté et de politiques socio-économiques (CEPS/INSTEAD).

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