The education report for Luxembourg

Susanne Backes, Thomas Lenz

The national Education Report for Luxembourg is a joint venture between Luxembourg’s Ministry of Education and the University of Luxembourg.
The first Education Report was published in 2015 and will continue to be published every three years. The report is aimed at delivering a scientific overview of Luxembourg’s education system and at enhancing an informed debate among politicians as well as in society in general about the future of education. It provides a detailed picture of institutionally grounded education from preschool to university. Conceptualised as an authors‘ report, more than 30 researchers have contributed to each volume. Thus, it combines official statistics and indicators with more complex scientifically grounded quantitative and qualitative articles.
The first part of this contribution provides a brief overview of the history, key features, and data backbone of the national Education Report. The section concludes with a brief outlook on future developments. The second part provides examples of charts and figures from the Education Report from 2018 to illustrate how topics are presented and discussed. As the topic of educational inequality is an important issue in Luxembourg, the examples address disparities among students.


Backes, S [Susanne] & Lenz, T. (2020). The education report for Luxembourg. In C. Oggenfuss & S. C. Wolter (Hrsg.), National education reports in European countries: CIDREE Yearbook 2020 (78-95). Aarau: Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education (SCCRE).

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